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Why choose us?

We provide a perfect renting solution fully customized for your requirents in your budget.

Renting can be a good alternative in many cases : looking for a temporary furnished apartment or home but not finding what you are looking for?

Shipping your household goods to another city? Need temporary furniture? Need furniture to stage your home? Furniture rental is a great and smart decision when you need furniture for a limited period of time.


Rent furniture & appliances that fits in your budget. Vast range of furniture and other home appliences are available for you to choose from.


We have rental furniture & appliences lines in place for both budget friendly setups as well as exclusive setups. furniture leasing possibilities are endless and are not limited to furniture rental, you can also rent electronic appliances for your home.


We provide renting options from multiple renting websites with special price and allows you to choose best available option for you in your budget, which is fully customizable and with multiple renting options.